Apple 將於 11 月 8 日正式關閉 ".Mac HomePage" 服務

幾天前,Apple 透過 email 通知所有 MobileMe 用戶,以前的 ".Mac HomePage" 網頁瀏覽服務將於 2010 年 11月 8 日終止。而原本的 ".Mac HomePage" 網頁發佈軟體早於去年 2009 年 7 月 7 日就已暫停服務,當時有承諾,雖然不能再上傳發佈新的網頁,但是之前已上傳的檔案都還會留存在伺服器上供網友瀏覽,所以 您之前上傳的網頁、影片和照片將可以繼續在 MobileMe iDisk 進行編輯,而 Apple 也推薦大家使用 MobileMe Gallery 這個更棒的服務來分享您的照片、影片,以下為 email 原文... 寫到:

Dear MobileMe member,

Over a year ago, we retired the .Mac HomePage application for publishing new pages, but allowed previously published pages to remain viewable on the web. On November 8, 2010, we will discontinue online viewing of photos, movies, and files shared using .Mac HomePage.Please note that your content will not be deleted. Any photos, movies, or files you have published using HomePage will continue to remain on your MobileMe iDisk in the Movies, Pictures, or Public folders.

We recommend MobileMe Gallery as a great way to share photos and movies on the web. Please read these instructions on how to move your HomePage photos and movies to MobileMe Gallery.MobileMe members who have published web pages using iWeb will not be affected by this change. If you have used other software to publish web content to MobileMe or .Mac, or have questions about this change, please read this FAQ.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for being a MobileMe member.


The MobileMe Team


MacStories 在此消息曝光後,預測 iLife ’11 或許有可能在 11 月 9 日 (週二) 發佈,關於這點,筆者覺得滿有可能的,因為將舊的服務全部轉移到 MobileMe 後,說不定 iLife ’11 &  iWork ’11 跟 MobileMe 會有些新的分享功能上線,如 Office 2011 結合網路硬碟推出 "線上簡報分享" 之類的服務,另外就是時間上也差不多該更新了。

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